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אתם שאלתם, ג'ורדן ענה

יום שבת, ספטמבר 28th, 2013

לפני מספר ימים ביקשנו מהמעריצים בארץ לשלוח לנו שאלות עבור רודס. בחרנו מתוכן 10 שאלות, ואלו הן התשובות.

Hello Jordan!
On behalf of the Israeli DT fans we'd like to thank you for Taking the Time to answer these fan questions. 🙂

1) Since Eren Başbuğ was involved in the creation of Dream Theater's latest album, is it safe to say that Eyal Amir will be performing in the next one?

Absolutely. All my guys will become part of the band eventually. Aviv Geffen will take over the lead vocals as well.

2) From online videos, it seems the Seaboard has a very large range of capabilities; to what extent have you used it in the new album?

I used it on the intro part of Behind the Veil and also on the outro track.
The Seaboard is the a logical evolution of the piano keyboard as we know it. Although it does not replace the piano keyboard, it offers the ability to have a new level of expressive possibilities on a keyboard type instrument.

3) Is writing music strictly an emotional process for you, and if not, how much rational thinking is involved?

Music comes into my head all the time. If I am in a relaxed and clear state of mind, channeling and playing music is very natural and its almost like I am a medium for it! That said – it takes a lot of time and focus to be able to take what is in your head and translate to a musical instrument. That is a lifetime's work! To get to the point where your fingers almost seem like they have a mind of their own is the goal! I work on that connection all the time. When I am in the studio and working on figuring out things like counterpoint for the band it becomes very analytical and often involves music notation.

4) It is known that you are less interested in writing lyrics for Dream Theater albums, so another take on this would be – what are your thoughts on the lyrics in the upcoming album?

I like it when the lyrics flow with the music and the sound of the words fits like a glove to the phrasing of the vocal lines. I only notice the words when they don't. I'm the wrong one to ask about the content though, because it's not my thing. That said – I appreciate that there is great thought behind the lyric content on Dream Theater albums!

5) "LMR" caught many by surprise; how did it come about among all other projects you are involved with?

I was asked if I was interested to join Tony Levin and Marco Minnemann to complete the project they started. How could I say no?? I may be busy – but I'm not crazy!!! Two of my favorite musicians on the planet.. The LMR album has been number #1 on Amazon CD sales for more then a week since its release and people are really responding to it! I'm so happy about this because I look forward to rocking it again with the boys!!

6) What's your favorite album so far in 2013? Any new bands you've come across that are of a highlight for you?

I love The Mountain by Haken. Those young lads are doing some incredible stuff!

7) What was your weirdest fan encounter yet?

Well lets see – there was Turkey and the unexpected kiss from a male fan.
There was the Iranian "dreamer" and his BIG announcement to the other fans outside after a gig. "I AM AN IRANIAN DREAMER" – I MUST TALK TO JORDAN".
There were the very large breasts in Mexico… Oh wait – I digress….

8) If you could play one intimate acoustic show in a small place (coffee shop for example), where would it be?

In Tel Aviv… For all of you.

9) Fans were really happy that you and James broke the Space-Dye Vest silence some two years ago during your show at Tarrytown Music Hall. Will we see a full-band performance of this song anytime soon?

I'm sworn to secrecy…

10) Your beard hasn't changed for a while now. Any beard plans in the near future? 🙂

I will grow my beard down to my feet. Give it time. Give it time…

And the toughest question of them all – will we see Dream Theater coming for its third show in Israel in 2014?!

I would love that. I miss you guys and look forward to being in Israel again…

In closing, Jordan,
Any words for the fans in Israel?

Check out my pledge music campaign over at
It is an on going project with the Symphonic Theater of Dreams!

Thank you so much. SHALOM!

צ'ט לייב עם חברי הלהקה (מוקלט וזמין לצפייה)

יום חמישי, ספטמבר 26th, 2013

האלבום החדש Dream Theater יצא וזמין לרכישה!

יום שלישי, ספטמבר 24th, 2013

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ג'ון וג'יימס מנסים להשלים משפט… ללא הצלחה

יום שישי, ספטמבר 20th, 2013

האלבום החדש כולו להאזנה באינטרנט

יום שבת, ספטמבר 14th, 2013

ביום שני, ה-16 בספטמבר בשעה 17:00 שעון ישראל, הלהקה תאפשר להאזין לאלבום החדש כולו באינטרנט!
ההאזנה לאלבום תתאפשר כאן:

כמו עם כל האזנה דרך האינטרנט, איכות השמע תהיה ירודה במידה.

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